Mongolian-German Karakorum-
Expedition: KAR2 excavation
at the central crossroads of
ancient Karakorum. Erdenebat,
Mongolian supervisor of the
dig, stands on the rim of the pit
in which remains of a brick
wall and an oven are visible.


>> Poor Erdenebat! For this night
shot he stood still for more than
one hour: at first for 3 minutes
during the first time exposure
at dusk; then he had to wait until
it was dark enough for the 101
flashes it took to illuminate the
pit; and finally he had to stay
in his place for as long as I
needed to light the part of the
pit behind him so he wouldn’t
appear transparent in the picture.
Because I feared that something
had gone wrong the first night,
we even repeated the shot the
following night. As it turned out,
only the first shot was perfect...