Mongolian-German Karakorum
Expedition: KAR1 excavation
on the knoll covering the
remains of the palace built by
Ugedei, son of Genghis Khan.
His portrait is reflected in
the knife blade held aloft by a
Mongolian archaeologist.


>> With this image I tried to
bridge the gap from past to
present. The idea was to have
the spirit of an ancient warrior
empire, conqueror Ugedei Khan,
and today’s excavation meet
in a single picture. I felt a mirror
might do the trick. Better even:
a knife! In Ulaanbaatar’s largest
department store I found one
which suited the purpose but
wasn’t shiny enough. Back at
the hotel I used up a whole tube
of toothpaste to polish the
blade. Ugedei Khan’s portrait
came from a calendar I bought
at the UB post office.